Bryan Smith Frames

Built from scratch and finished by hand in Fort Collins, Colorado, Bryan Smith Frames offers a fine line of custom closed corner frames.  We would love to work with you to develop a signature look for your art that will set it apart.  All of our frames are constructed and carved entirely of wood–no molds or plastics involved–but because Bryan Smith Frames does not maintain a storefront we are able to price our work at incredibly competitive levels.

During nearly 20 years of building and finishing the highest quality picture frames, Bryan Smith has framed paintings by French greats such as Jacques-Louis David and famous Americans like Thomas Moran, as well as numerous other masters–both historic and contemporary.

Originally Bryan learned the art of framing, gilding, and fine finishing during a decade-long tenure at Krieger Ricks, a renowned leader in high quality frames. Most of his time there was spent as the lead finisher and art director. His work there included frames for elite galleries, individual collectors, and painters throughout the country, including many of the frames, mirrors, and furniture that continue to be highlighted on the Krieger Ricks website. Bryan left Krieger-Ricks in 2003 to pursue a Ph.D. in history at the University of Notre Dame, where he continued to build frames for local clients, including Notre Dame’s Snite Museum of Art. He now lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, where he teaches history, rides bikes, and builds beautiful frames.

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